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The Fact Checkers...

Where are the fact checkers?

Mayoral Candidate Larry Baldock is calling for more accountability in regard to statements made by candidates in this election.

“If you have ever tuned in to the media in the US during the presidential race you will have heard the term ‘fact check.’ Any time there is a debate or major speech by a candidate the media scrutinize minutely every promise, claim or counter claim made by each candidate. This is a very important function of a free press in any society,” said Mr Baldock.

“We have begun the process of elections here in Tauranga and candidates in written form and in speeches are making their claims to past achievements, or are making future promises based on what they see as the current facts of any situation.

How difficult a task is it for the voter to know whether they are hearing facts or fiction, without the objective scrutiny of an unbiased media.

So far in just two ‘meet the candidate’ events there have been enough half truths, and mis-information to keep a ‘fact checker’ pretty busy.

I am hoping to see the media take an active role in the campaign to inform the public much better. Otherwise how will anyone know the truth?

The answer to that is of course, by the candidates written and paid broadcast messages. Another words the facts as they choose to present them.

Our democracy desperately needs a few fact checkers,” he said.

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