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Here is an opportunity to do something that will


Impact The Community!


Help Larry make a difference


There are many ways to volunteer, from helping with pamphlet drops,

to hosting meet the candidate events.

Here are ways you can help:


Larry has been been speaking to groups of people at their work places, homes and schools. He has met with real estate agents at their weekly meetings, school teachers in there staff meeting, construction workers at a break time on the site,  and had one on one meetings with business owners for coffee.

There are only several official "MEET THE CANDIDATE" events organised in the community and with 10 other candidates to share the platform with the amount of time available to speak is not major, so having other 

opportunities to meet with people is very important. 


That is why 10-15 mins with your work colleagues can be just as informative and useful to find out what Larry stands for. Anytime of the day can work, and even a coffee or dessert gathering with you and your frends or neighbours would be a pleasure to for him to attend.  

Voting reminders

Once the voting papers have arrived in the mail, and especially in the last week before polling day Oct 8th, it would be helpful if you contacted as many of your family and friends to remind them to vote. Larry knows how important every vote is because in 2007 he missed out on a seat on the BOP Regional Council by only 4 votes!


Thanks for being interested in what you could do to help the campaign!  There are several important jobs that you could be involved in that helps free up Larry's time so he is able to get out to meet more people and make the campaign even more successful.

Signs Around Town. 

If there is a roadside sign of mine in your area that you could keep an eye on for me that would be a great help! It takes a lot of time to get all over the city to check on them regularly, so having people who would be willing to "adopt" a sign by keeping an eye on it is very helpful. 

If a sign has been knocked down or vandalised please give me a call, send a txt or let us know via this website. 

If you or a friend could actually take care of putting the sign up again that would be fantatsic but if it needs repair or replacement let us know. 

Please contact me to let me know which sign you are watching over.

Mail Box Drops

If you are available to drop some information in letterboxes in your street or suburb in the Otumoetai/Pyes Pa ward area that would be a great help.

All campaigns cost money.  Our Campaign has been self funded up until now. There is always more we could do if our budget was increased because of your support.

Ways you can help: 

  • Help sponsor the cost of a 30 second radio advert over 5-6 local radio stations. Cost: $75-$100. (Or one whole day of radio ads for $500. 

  • An advertorial (small self written interview/story) in the local Newspaper, Bay News or Weekend Sun. Approx $600. 

Perhaps you could approach friends about being a sponsor? Whatever you can do to help, know that it would be greatly appreciated.


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Internet and Social Media

Sharing Larry's posts on facebook, or forwarding messages by email if you are not on facebook, will help ensure the word gets out and Larry's agenda is communicated to everyone possible. 

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