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20 Years Ago, As The City's De-Facto Electorate MP I had the Opportunity To Achieve A Commitment (Under The Helen Clark Led Labour Government) To A Bold Plan that was worked on by Smart Growth and 3 Councils to Solve and Future-Proof
Our Transport Network.


There is Much More to be Done Urgently, We are now Referred to
as the City with the
Most Congestion.

The New Harbour Crossing, Hewletts/Maunganui Rd
Overpass, and the TEL have been built, but the TNL Stage 1
is only now underway, even though it was supposed to be done 10 Years Ago.



An Efficient and Effective Transportation System
is also Crucial to the Opening of New Areas for
Residential Housing and Intensification to address the Chronic Shortage of Accommodation in Our City. 

We have one of the Most Successful Developments of Commercial and Industrial Land in the Tauriko Business Estate, alongside The Lakes Residential Development, But the Residential Land in The Lakes was all Sold Several Years Ago.

3000 Houses are waiting to be built at Tauriko West, but Need Access to SH 29 at Redwood Lane, Along with Access from there to SH 36 in The Lakes. Te Tumu Residential Developement in the East needs Roading and Infrastructure Investments Also.


Hosting the Country's Largest Port has
Benefits in the Local Economy and
Employment For Sure, But we must live
with the Freight for NZ's Imports and Exports
Passing Through Where We Live, Work, and Play.

The Air Quality in Our City is Unacceptable, 
Especially in the Mount North Residential Areas.

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