I am committed to representing the needs and aspirations of the people of Tauranga.
My goal is for our City to thrive and
develop to its fullest potential.

I have a wife and 3 children, with 8 grandchildren, and understand the role and importance of families, extended families and businesses in building a great community. 


I am a Tauranga local, having been raised by a solo mum in a family of 6 from Gate Pa, I loved growing up in this wonderful city.


After having lived overseas for a number of years working with a Not for Profit organisation, and have travelled to over 40 countries, I returned with my family to Tauranga in 1996 to use my unique experience and perspective by getting involved in local and national Politics. 


Since then, I have served on the Tauranga City Council twice, and as an MP in Parliament for 3 years. 

Being involved in the shaping of our city and nation is my passion. 

I have a passion for politics and believe that those who represent the people should do just that. 


To that end, during my time in Politics, I have also led two nationwide citizen's initiated referendums. 

My goal as a councillor has always been to represent the diverse needs of the people in the city - both the private and business communities, to see our city develop to its fullest potential. 

I bring my experiences in both local and national government to the job and a determination to work hard to see Tauranga thrive.

My Acheivements for Tauranga

over the past 15 years. 

  • Obtained $150 million extra finance for Tauranga's roading network while an MP in 2005

  • Pushed through Pro-Development changes in City plan

  • Chaired City Centre Task Force for Waterfront Development

  • Instrumental in Hairy Maclary Project

  • Influential in Pilot Bay Boardwalk

  • Smart Growth Committee 

  • Marine Precinct Taskforce

  • Council Representative for Establishing Frank Sydenham Park Advisory Group

  • Strong Advocate for Tertiary Campus in Duhram Street

  • Chaired Hotel Development Task Force

  • Chair of the Urban Form and Transport Development Committee responsible for CBD development; City Plan changes; Intensification; New growth areas and Transport

  • Member of CCO working group

  • Member of Dive Cres Governance group. 

I have been a no-nonsense councillor who has
worked hard on your behalf. 

I advocate for things that are good for the city and will not back down from a challenge nor be afraid to voice my opinion or stand up for what I believe is right in Council. 

​I have a good record of working well with others
which is needed to get things done on Council.

I understand Tauranga’s history, how far we’ve come, and how far we can go together.


As a former MP and Councilor I can bridge the gap between local plans and national requirements.


Transport has to be our top priority. Our roading network is unfinished and holding us back. To achieve the best for Tauranga we need proven experience working with local and central government.


We have the climate and natural beauty; we need the civic and cultural infrastructure, to draw, and keep, the best and brightest.


Democracy doesn’t have to be difficult. In 2016 I proposed asking for feedback through forms sent out with rates and water bills on major issues. We trialed this in 2017 with very successful results. Over 5500 responses with 90% filling out the paper forms and mailing them in to Council.
This needs to become a regular practice so everyone can be aware of Council 
plans and respond with feedback early. This is called engagement and we have learnt over the past 2 years how much this is needed to allow the community to have buy in to projects early on n the process.


I will work to make this a regular practice of Council in the next term.

Working together for more democracy, with responsible solutions and less bureaucracy, we will get there.



Capable, Strategic Leadership


Authorised by Larry Baldock, 40 Hampstead Court, Pyes Pa, Tauranga 2019