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I am committed to representing the needs and aspirations of the people of Tauranga.

My goal is for our City to thrive and develop to its fullest potential.
I have been a no-nonsense councillor who has
worked hard on your behalf. 

I advocate for things that are good for the city and will not back down from a challenge nor be afraid to voice my opinion or stand up for what I believe is right in Council. 

​I have a good record of working well with others
which is needed to get things done on Council.

My Achievements for Tauranga over the past 15 years have included: 

  • Obtaining $150 million extra finance for Tauranga's roading network while an MP in 2005

  • Pushing through Pro-Development changes in City plan

  • Chairing City Centre Task Force for Waterfront Development

  • Instrumental in Hairy Maclary Project

  • Influential in Pilot Bay Boardwalk

  • Smart Growth Committee 

  • Marine Precinct Taskforce

  • Council Representative for Establishing Frank Sydenham Park Advisory Group

  • Strong Advocate for Tertiary Campus in Duhram Street

  • Chaired Hotel Development Task Force

  • Chair of the Urban Form and Transport Development Committee responsible for CBD development; City Plan changes; Intensification; New growth areas and Transport

  • Member of CCO working group

  • Member of Dive Cres Governance group. 

Why I am standing for Council:

I have a wife and 3 children, with 11 grandchildren, and understand the role and importance of families, extended families and businesses in building a great community. 

I am a Tauranga local, having been raised by a solo mum in a family of 6 from Gate Pa, I loved growing up in this wonderful city.

After having lived overseas for a number of years working with a Not for Profit organisation, and having travelled to over 40 countries, I returned with my family to Tauranga in 1996 to use my unique experience and perspective by getting involved in local and national Politics. 

Since then, I have served on the Tauranga City Council, and as an MP in Parliament for 3 years.

Being involved in the shaping of our city and nation is my passion. 

I have a passion for politics and believe that those who represent the people should do just that. 

To that end, during my time in Politics, I have also led two nationwide citizen's initiated referendums. 

My goal as a councillor has always been to represent the diverse needs of the people in the city - both the private and business communities, to see our city develop to its fullest potential. 

I bring my experiences in both local and national government to the job and a determination to work hard to see Tauranga thrive.

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