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My wife and I began our married life in a rented house at Pooles Rd. We have now lived in Pyes Pa for over 30 yrs. Our 3 children and 11 grandchildren have all benefited from many aspects of what our city offers. 


Since 2001 I have been elected at various times to represent Pyes Pa and Greerton and the wider city on our local council. I also served a term in parliament as a List MP where I tirelessy raised Tauranga's issues in Parliament. We have been one of the fastest growing cities in NZ for a long time but have not always developed the facilities we have needed to support that growth. Too many elections have been fought over promising low rates or complaining about high levels of debt, while ignoring major issues of roading and important infrastructure and social amenities. In contrast, addressing these issues has always been my main focus.


Some of the progress I have promoted and supported over the years have been the Greerton library, CBD waterfront walkway, playground, the Hairy McClary installation, Wharf St and Elizabeth St upgrades, the University, Pilot Bay boardwalk, the bus service to the Crossing, support for the Lakes development, securing land for the new road connection to SH29 and the SH36 bypass.


I am standing again in the current election because there is still more positive work to be done. 


In this election, as we transition from Commissioners to elected Councillors, it would be tempting for you to vote for a completely new Council. ‘Out with the old  & in with the new,’ but that won’t guarantee better results.  With a proven track record of getting things done, I ask for your vote again so that my experience and knowledge of the past can help support a new team of councillors to keep our city moving forward!


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